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Supported modules

myPace is highly customisable and adapts easily to a range of practices. Modules can be combined in creative ways to match each patient’s and health professional’s needs

Initial Measurements

myPace allows users to record their initial height, weight and calculates their starting BMI.

Two Way Communication

myPace allows two-way communication between health professionals and patients.

Motivational Messages

myPace allows health professionals to send motivational messages to their patients helping them to achieve their goals.


Reflect and record thoughts, experiences and observations


Mood Tracker

myPace tracks self-reported moods and allows for analysis of mood patterns over time.

Small Steps

myPace encourages clients to incorporate small, feasible changes into their lifestyles.


Track behaviours, moods and weight and small steps – together or separately!

Resource library

Collect and share accredited resources for clients to use anytime, anywhere


For clients, myPace becomes their dietitian in their pocket

Clients are gently supported with reminders of small steps, goals and two way messaging

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Research and development

myPace is grounded in science and has been developed with and tested by European dietitians, experts in the science of sustainable weight loss.

A selection of some of our research can be found here:

  1. myPace: An integrative health platform for supporting weight loss and maintenance behaviours

    – Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics - 2015

  2. Integrating mobile technology with routine dietetic practice: the case of myPace

    - Proceedings of the Nutrition Society - 2015

  3. Human relationships and digital weight management technology

    – European Congress on Obesity - 2015

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